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The common Roof Rat ‘Rattus Rattus’ is highly attracted to residential roof spaces as the environment provides perfect nesting conditions as the weather cools. At night the typical sounds of a roof rat infestation can include squeaking, scratching, gnawing, and fighting. The term “rodent” is derived from the latin word “rodere” which means to “gnaw”. Rodents commonly gnaw on electrical wires, ducting and insulation which can create the potential for an electrical fire.

A Rodent Control Program includes the installation of ‘Tamper-Resistant’ baiting stations, mechanical traps, and strategically placed glue boards in the infested area. The pest manager will also aim to identify any cracks, crevices or other potential access points that may require physical proofing. Another important part of a successful rodent control program is to remove any potential food sources, and improve general sanitation practices at the property.